Dubai Transit Visa

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Dubai Transit Visa

A Dubai transit visa is an authority record that permits guests to get across the UAE easily. There are two kinds of travel visas in Dubai: 48 Hours visas and 96 Hours transit visas. It gives a 48 and 96 hour window to the traveling visitors. This can be used for conferences or a short recreation visit. You can go out and explore the UAE completely within the granted period with a Dubai transit visa.

A Dubai Transit Visa: Who Can Apply?

Any individual who stays in Dubai for over 8 hours during the trip is qualified for a Dubai transit visa. Ensure that you have a forward pass to a third destination beyond the UAE. You can go through the most recent visa procedure in the UAE to check, regardless of whether you really want a transit visa for a delay. Since residents of a couple of nations don't need a travel visa, they are qualified for a visa based on arrival.

What Are The Types Of Dubai Transit Visa?

The UAE administration offers two different options to choose from;

  • 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa- The 48 Hour Dubai transit visa allows the traveler to stay for 2 days. It gives a brief window that can be used to explore the UAE or to take some rest during your journey
  • 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa- It allows a stopover of 4 days during which the travelers can briefly explore Dubai or engage in leisure stopover. It is ideal for those who are seeking an extended transiting window

What Are Documents Required For A Dubai Transit Visa?

The application procedure for a Dubai transit visa is simple. You just need a couple of documents to complete the application.

  • Passport: It is important to have proof of identity that is currently valid and will be substantial for a time period of half a year.
  • Photos: A digital copy of your current photograph.
  • Flight Tickets: Valid ticket for your next flight leaving from the United Arab Emirates.

Residents of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan should share their national IDs to apply for a Dubai Transit Visa

48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

88 GBP

check Service Type: Regular Visa-Single Entry

check Visa Processing Time: 24 - 72 Working Hours

check Visa Validity : 15 days from the date of issue

check Stay Validity : 48 hours from the date of entry

96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

96 GBP

check Service Type: Regular Visa-Single Entry

check Visa Processing Time: 24 - 72 Working Hours

check Visa Validity : 15 days from the date of issue

check Stay Validity : 48 hours from the date of entry

How to apply for Dubai Transit Visa?

application form


step 1

Fill up online Visa Application Form & Upload your Documents

step 1
Pay visa



Pay Visa fees through our Secure Payment Gateway System

Visa Processing



We will mail you your Visa within 3-4 working days

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Print visa & fly to UAE.


We will mail you your Dubai UAE visa immediately after it is approved.


The Procedure To Obtain A Dubai Transit Visa

A bit-by-bit guide will help you in the clear application process for a Dubai Transit visa.

Step 1

Open on your browser.

Step 2

Enter your citizenship status and the country that you are traveling to Dubai from.

Step 3

Choose ‘Transit Visa’ from the available options.

Step 4

Fill up your visa application form

Step 5

Upload your passport and photograph

Step 6

Choose your preferred payment method and make the payment

How Much Time Does The Dubai Transit Visa Application Take?

A normal transit visa application takes around 2–3 days to be processed. Whereas an express transit visa application will expedite your application process, bringing down the processing time to 4-6 hours.

How To Track Dubai Transit Visa Application?

You can track your visa application status using your application reference number. Here is how you can track your application:-

  • Visit
  • Look for the ‘Track’ option at the top and click it
  • Enter your application reference number in the field
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button

The pending, processing, approved, rejected, or processing statuses of your application will be stated.

Can I Extend My UAE Transit Visa?

No, you can't extend your UAE transit visa. You must apply for a visa ahead of time if you intend to stay in a country for an extended period of time. Once approved, you can neither change nor adjust your visa type.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Indeed, you can go out and explore the UAE with your Dubai Transit Visa for the planned period.

No, it's anything but an impulse to have a transit visa for every one of the delays. Everything depends on your nationality and the term of your delay.

No, you do not require a transit visa if you already have a Dubai visit visa.

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