Terms and Conditions – Dubaivisaservices.co.uk

1. If the fees are submitted to the embassy, it will be non-refundable. We cannot guarantee the issuance or length of visa as it is determined by the embassy. Though you will be provided with the right consultation for visa documentation yet Embassy possesses all the rights to not grant you a visa with a rejection explanation. Even the length of the visa duration also depends on the discretion of the embassy.

2. We reserve all the rights to not to take any particular application or case. But if we take any case we will try to complete all the work according to the instructions of the applicant. Only under certain circumstances, we will terminate our agreement with you.

The certain circumstances are –

1. The case in which you ask us to take a case of less success ration or the case that involves fraud or misrepresentation.

2. The case where work becomes complicated due to the accident, death or serious illness of a member of our staff or any other such cases.

3. If the agreement is terminated by us then you will be informed in advance. We will try our best to provide you another agent for your visa application.

4. An applicant can terminate the agreement at any time. We would be entitled to be paid for labor we have taken for you.

5. We will quote our service charge at the start of the application process. The service charges may vary according to the need and urgency and it is accepted by us at our discretion and that also depends on the policy of relevant Embassy and application of the user.

6. We do not have the right to influence any government embassy nor we can process the application more quickly than any individual Embassy.

7. The applicant is liable to pay additional charges additional chargers for express service where the client requires their Dubai Visa within 1 working Day that is 24 hours.

8. It would not be our responsibility if any embassy refuses your visa application or do not process the application on time.

9. Generally, an application takes 3 to 4 days for visa processing. If the time delays from the embassy then no refund request will be made.

10. Dubai Embassy has official week offs on Friday and Saturday and is treated as a non-working day.

11. Each and every application will be viewed separately but we do not guarantee the issuance of a visa. We cannot be held responsible for any sort of delay or rejection of a visa.

12. We are a private agency and do not affiliate with any embassy or consulate. We make visa applications on our behalf.

13. We ensure the information available on Dubaivisaservices.co.uk is up to the mark and accurate.

14. Applicants need to contact the embassy for further details on refusal.

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