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Emirates of Ajman or Ajman is the smallest emirate of the UAE. It is famous for its serene beaches, museums, and forts. It is a fast-growing economy offering fruitful business opportunities.

Besides being one of the fastest-growing economies in the UAE, it is also becoming a hub for international visitors for numerous reasons. Being a traditional emirate it offers vibrant cultural and traditional experiences. But before you begin your journey, it is important to obtain an Ajman Visa.

This guide will navigate you through the application process making it easier for the applicant to navigate through the application.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Ajman Visa?

Any individual who has a passport can apply for an Ajman visa online through You can apply for an Ajman visa online without having to think much about your nationality. However, the eligibility criteria may come into play when you choose a particular type of visa. For example, if you are seeking a Work visa then you must have a letter from your employer stating your name, purpose, and duration of stay.

What Are The Types Of Ajman Visas Available?

There are several types of Ajman visas, each with its unique features and purposes. Here is a list of all the types of Ajman Visa:-

  • 96-Hours Transit Visa
  • 48-Hours Transit Visa
  • 14 Days Single Entry
  • 14 Days Multiple Entries
  • 30 Days Single Entry
  • 30 Days Multiple Entries
  • 90 Days Single Entry
  • 90 Days Job Seeker Visa
  • Express Visa

How Much Does It Costs To Get An Ajman Visa?

Visa Type

Visa Fee

Handling Charges


14 Days Visa Single Entry




30 Days Visa Single Entry




30 Days Visa Multiple Entry




60 Days Visa Single Entry




60 Days Visa Multiple Entry




30 Days (Single Entry)




90 Days (Multiple Entry)




Documents Required For Ajman Visa

You can skip the hassle of going through and managing piles of documents if you apply through Here is the list of all the important documents needed while applying for an Ajman visa:-

  • Photographs- You must have a digital version of a recent passport-sized photograph with a plain white background
  • Passport- Get a digital version of your passport and make sure it is valid for 6 months from the date of your expected arrival in Ajman
  • Additional Documents- You may also need a few documents that support your purpose of visit. Example- You must have an appointment letter if you are applying for a work visa or hotel booking slips if you are applying for a tourist visa
  • National ID- Nationals of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are obliged to submit their national ID with their application

Having all these documents handy while you apply for an Ajman visa will streamline your application process. Keep in mind that visa policies and requirements keep updating over time, you can go through the websites and travel advisories issued by the authorities. You can also connect with our team at +44 2080049605 to learn more about the application procedure.

How To Apply For An Ajman Visa?

You can easily apply for an Ajman visa online through facilitates the applicant with its user-friendly interface and streamlined application process. Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for an Ajman visa.

Step 1

Open on your mobile phone or PC

Step 2

Fill in general information like your nationality and country that you are traveling to Ajman from

Step 3

Look for the visa that you want to apply for and click on ‘Apply Now

Step 4

Enter all the details in the application form

Step 5

Upload documents (Passport, Photographs, National ID, Additional Documents)

Step 6

Make the payment using your preferred payment method

And that’s it! You will receive an official confirmation mail at your registered email ID. Make sure to keep a note of your Application reference number which can be used to track your application status.

How Much Time Does The Authorities Take To Process Visa Application?

A visa application process usually takes up to 2-3 days to get processed. If you choose to apply with an ‘Express visa application’ your application will be processed within 4-6 hours. The ‘Express Visa’ is a visa facility designed for individuals who need an Ajman visa within a few hours.

Can I Track My Ajman Visa Application?

Yes, you can track your Ajman visa application status using your ‘Application Reference Number’. Here is how to check your visa status:-

  • Go to
  • Look for the ‘Track’ option at the top and click on it
  • Enter your application reference number and click ‘Submit

Your visa application status will appear typically in the following terms; Approved, Rejected, In Process, or Pending.

Types of Ajman Visas We Offer

(Ajman Single Entry Visas)

A 14-day Dubai visa from United Kingdom is valid for individuals looking to visit the UAE for a brief exploration. The holder of this visa may only remain in the UAE for a maximum of fourteen days. This specific online Dubai visa is highly suitable for individuals vis...

30 days single entry Dubai tourist visa from UK allows single entry within a 30-day window catering to the needs of tourists, business travelers, and those individuals who are seeking a temporary stay in the UAE. It provides flexible yet controlled access for an effic...

90 days Dubai visa is for people who seek a long-term stay in UAE. It is designed for individuals who are engaged in long-term projects, academic pursuits, or training sessions. 90 days single entry Dubai visa allows an uninterrupted...

(Ajman Multiple Entry Visas)

The 14 days multiple entry Dubai tourist visa is a permit granted to enter Dubai for 14 days. It means you can visit the UAE multiple times using the same visa during those specified durations.

A 14 days multiple e...

30-days Dubai tourist visa from UK is a month-long visa that allows you to visit Dubai. 30-Days Dubai tourist visa offers a wealth of opportunities to explore the UAE. It allows the visitor to explore the emirates at their own pace avoiding any hassle. It offers flexibility to leave and enter the U...

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That's just an awesome experience. Insta Dubai robbed my £600 and my visa was refused. I have approached Dubai visa services and Alina was simply awesome. May the Almighty bless her. My family and I got our visa within 36hours. She was reassuring me and her customer services are excellent. Thank you is not enough for Alida and Dubai visa. Thank you Alida for all your support and reassurance. May Allah bless you. I will definitely recommend everyone to apply visa through them.

FAQs About Ajman Visa & Other Topics.

Tourists to Ajman can stay for 30 days on a visa obtained upon arrival, while citizens from select countries may get a 90-day visa.


Citizens of several countries like USA, UK, and many European nations, are eligible for a visa on arrival in Ajman.


Yes, you can easily extend your visa if you choose to stay longer in the Ajman.

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