Track Your Dubai Visa Application

You just have to fill your visa Application reference number in the field below and you will get your Dubai Visa status immediately.

Staying informed about your Dubai visa application’s progress is important. It helps you to optimize your travel itinerary efficiently. But the question that arises in one’s mind is ‘How Do I Track Visa Application?’

You can easily check your visa application status in various ways. UAE authorities facilitate applicants with the online Dubai visa application form. If applied through it, the applicants receive a visa application reference number that can be used to check the status of their visa application. Here is how to keep track of your visa application status.

Why To Check Dubai Visa Status?

Keeping a frequent check on your visa application status is key to a smooth application procedure. By tracking your application status you make sure that:-

  • All the visa details such as categories, validity and restrictions are correct
  • There are no changes in the travel policies of the host nation
  • Gives you some bandwidth to reapply if your application is rejected
  • You do not overstay in the host nation
  • Travel plans and schedules are in order

What Are The Requirements To Check Dubai Visa Status Online?

Here is the list of all the requirements to check Dubai visa status online:-

  • Passport Number
  • Dubai Visa Application Reference Number
  • Registered Mail Login

How to track Dubai visa status?

You can check your visa application status by utilizing your passport number or visa application reference number. The following is a point-by-point guide to assist you with understanding the following system:

How To Track Your Visa Application With Passport Number?

  • Visit the official UAE Government’s website
  • Click On The ‘File Validity’
  • Choose “Passport Number” in the ‘Search By’ option
  • Enter your passport number, expiry date, and nationality
  • Hit the search button to get the live status of your Visa application

How To Track Your Visa Application Status With Application Reference Number?

A Visa Application Reference Number is issued to you with the confirmation mail. Here is how to track your application status at your fingertips:-

  • Go to
  • Look for the ‘Track’ button on the top
  • Enter your visa application reference number
  • Hit the ‘Submit’ button

You will be able to see your application status. It is usually displayed as Approved, Rejected, In Process, or Pending.

Understanding The Visa Application Status

After receiving your visa application status the next crucial thing to understand is to interpret the results. Here is a quick guide to help you build a clear understanding of your visa application status:-

  • Received- It means that your application has been received by the concerned authorities and is under initial processing
  • Under Process- Your application is under review and is going through the checks
  • Issued- This means that you have been granted a Dubai visa application
  • Rejected- It means that your Dubai visa application is declined
Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Connect with the appropriate authorities to determine the cause of the delay. If your application is denied, you must reapply for a Dubai visa.


Visa Application Reference Number is an identification code assigned to every visa applicant. The visa application reference number can be used to track your visa application.


Yes, you will be notified if your visa application is approved. However, you will receive a notification through email or WhatsApp.

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