14 Days Dubai Visa

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14 Days Single Entry Dubai Visas

A 14-day Dubai visa from United Kingdom is valid for individuals looking to visit the UAE for a brief exploration. The holder of this visa may only remain in the UAE for a maximum of fourteen days. This specific online Dubai visa is highly suitable for individuals visiting the country for either business or leisure purposes.

14-Days Dubai visa from UK allows you to explore and travel in all the emirates with its 14-day grant to stay. It gives you enough time to explore and immerse yourself in the Emirates of the Arab.

Documents Required For 14 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa

Before beginning with your 14 days Dubai tourist visa application, ensure you have all the following documents readily available:-

  • Colored Passport-Sized photographs with plain white background
  • Passport with at least 6 months of validity from the date of your arrival

Note: Citizens from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are required to share their national IDs.


14 Days Visa Single Entry
139 GBP

check Service Type : Regular Visa-Single Entry

check Visa Processing Time : 24 - 48 Working Hours

check Visa Validity : 60 Days From Issue Date

check Stay Validity : 14 days from the date of entry

How to apply for a 14 days Single Entry Dubai Visa?

application form
step 1

Fill up online Visa Application Form & Upload your Documents

step 1
Pay visa

Pay Visa fees through our Secure Payment Gateway System

Visa Processing

We will mail you your Visa within 3-4 working days

Dubai Visa Application Form
Print visa & fly to UAE.

We will mail you your Dubai UAE visa immediately after it is approved.


Steps To Apply For 14 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa

Follow the steps mentioned below to streamline your application process:-

Step 1

Head on to dubaivisaservices.co.uk

Step 2

Fill in your basic details like your citizenship and the country you are traveling from

Step 3

Select ‘14-Day Single Entry Visa’ from the available option

Step 4

Fill up all the details in the form, upload your passport and passport-sized photograph

Step 5

Choose your preferred payment method and make the payment

Processing Time For 14-Day Single Entry Dubai Visa

The standard application technique is ordinarily settled within two to four work days. You can present an application for a 14-day single entry facilitated Dubai visa at dubaivisaservices.co.uk.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


14-Day Single Entry Dubai Visa will cost you £119.


Yes, you can extend a 14 Days single entry visa. You just have to connect with our team to streamline your Dubai visa application process.


People with substantial recognizable proof, like identification and other such records, are qualified to apply for a Dubai visa. To learn more, you can contact our group!

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