Top 5 Things To Do In Dubai for Every Traveler
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Top 5 Things To Do In Dubai for Every Traveler

Dubai is not just about business and trade, but also it is a hub for amazing things you can take part in and we will bring it to your attention, the Top 5 Things To Do In Dubai. The incredible city has grown from a small deserted village to an amazing holiday destination and business hub in a very low amount of time. Dubai is a vibrant city with many fun and thrilling activities to be a part of and in this post we will bring out the top 5 most exciting and popular things that you can do in this amazing city of Dubai. Say it be the shopping malls that offer a luxury shopping experience to the tall skyscrapers which gives you an overview of Dubai’s true power and worth and if you imagine yourself in this blissful city, you can apply for online Dubai Visa to make your dreams come true.

The Top 5 Things To Experience In Dubai

Here is what you should do in your visit to Dubai apart from the usual and traditional things that everyone does.

Desert Safari

Dubai presents the golden sands of the Arabian Desert as the best desert destinations. A desert safari in dubai is a must for anyone who is coming to the city as the dune drive, the breathtaking sunset and the sunrise are worth the visit. It is one of the high points of the Dubai tour. On the way, you can also find several photo-stops to create memories that will be created for a lifetime. Hummer is a widely used vehicle for the safari. Going on a Camel ride, sand boarding and dirt biking are other fun activities that can be done in the desert. Desert camping comprises such activities as great entertainment, Arabian food with Shisha, and live belly dance performances.

Here is my list of must do things in a desert safari

  1. Try A Camel Ride
  2. Take A 4x4 Ride Click Some Awesome Pictures For Social Profile.
  3. Sleep Under The Clear Sky
  4. Watch The Beautiful Sunrise And Sunsets
  5. Make Friends With The Locals

Take A City Tour

While everyone is busy going to some specific destination, you can hop on a rented car and tour around the city for fun and try to find out locations, restaurants and other locations such as a bar or club that no one talks about. Imagine how mesmerizing this must be as you are on your own ride, no fixed destinations, no fixed timings, just on your way to explore the city and what secrets it holds. However make sure that you abide by the rules and respect the residents and the culture. It will at the same time cost less and there is no time frame to explore the city unlike some of the destinations bound by time limit.

Here’s how you should move ahead with your city tour,

  1. Find A Cafe In A Good Location
  2. You Can Try New Food
  3. Take A Walk In The Local Marketplace
  4. Talk To Strangers
  5. Buy Some Souvenirs
  6. Try Street Food

Aerial Tour in Dubai

Ready to take your Dubai Tour to a next level? Check some of these in your to-do list for Dubai.

  • Helicopter Ride: Take a tour in a helicopter and hover across the Burj Khalifa just like we see it in movies and watch the city of Dubai with an eagle eyes view. See Dubai City with a different perspective that shines in the night and is an awesome way to spend time in Dubai.
  • Skydiving: Feeling adventurous? Skydiving, the final plunge, will be your ultimate experience! Mountainous jump with a rush of adrenaline to experience a freefall through the sky. On the way to the ground jump, as you are floating down you will be able to see the awe-inspiring view of Dubai spreading out beneath you. Dubai has the best skydiving centers in the world that ensure the safety and the fun of the people.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride: Fly slowly on the top of this amazing city and see all the city’s lights from the above. This slow and steady ride will make a good time no matter if it is an alone time or a group picnic.

Adventure Sports in Dubai

Dubai is that place which everyone imagines as a continent that satisfies both thrill-seekers and families. Adrenaline rush is provided for by every corner, for example, you can go diving in the Blue Sea and discover underwater life, or if someone tends to experience the scariest plunge of bungee jumping at Gravity Zone or Motor City. If it is a challenge you like, Dubai Harbor presents you with deep sea fishing, against which you can fight a huge sailfish!

However, Dubai is not only for people who have a high level of adrenaline. You want something distinctive and risk free? Hop on for a thrilling amphibious ride with Flavoured that allows you to surf, swim and tour on a special machine. Despite all this, there is Dubai that offers you even to ski, disbelieve it not! The very big Ski Dubai, which is found in the Mall of the Emirates, provides snowy slopes, not to mention a possibility for hanging out with penguins! There are many family entertainment park options that include the world famous Dubai Dolphinarium, the Ferrari World, or the adrenalin water parks Wild Wadi and Iceland Water Park.

You can try these adventure sports in Dubai.

  1. Scuba Diving: Dive into the Gulf sea of Arabian with Deep Sea Diving or Dive Atlantis which offer explorations.
  2. Bungee Jumping: The gravity zone and motor city are for you if you are willing to have a day of your life you will never forget!
  3. Deep Sea Fishing: Go to Dubai Port and slaughter the giant sailfish that will make you forget all about the challenges as you catch the fish.

Food and Shopping in Dubai

It's not only about sights that Dubai stands for. Foodies will certainly enjoy the intermingling of the classiest of restaurants and the best of street food, which goes alongside the vibrant clubs with DJs such as David Guetta that are sure to give you a night of never-ending memories. Shopaholics rejoice! Dubai Shopping Festival seems to be the right choice as it brings up many tempting deals and the city has gigantic malls that even hold a fame record like the world's largest mall, the Dubai Mall. From gold, to spices and the latest fashion, its malls and shops are here to serve you!

Here’s what you can try

  • The Emirate state offers rich street food in terms of variety and price shoots 'e.g. shawarma and falafel'.
  • Fancy restaurant options include the one of the luxurious Arabic Lamb Ouzi (lamb dish) cooked slowly and accompanied with a mild but deep taste of Iranian Saffron Rice with diamonds of meat pieces.


Take your decision with precision when you are in Dubai and want to make the most out of the trip. If you are looking for fun, you should take part in adventure sports and/or go on a road trip in dubai. You are welcome to take a walk around the streets of Dubai capturing the instagrammable street portraits or simply take a car trip with a good companion who knows how to ride a car. We will see you in Dubai making the best memories of your Holidays and enjoying your Vacation doing something unique or unusual.

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