Dubai visa New Rules For Indian Citizens 2024: Changes and Updates
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Dubai visa New Rules For Indian Citizens 2024: Changes and Updates

The UAE Immigration has recently updated the Rules for Indian Citizens seeking for a Dubai Visa. This Dubai Visit Visa New Rules for Indian Citizens has affected every individual looking forward to applying for a Dubai Visa from India. Every traveller should check out the Dubai visit Visa new rules today to have a smooth application and travel experience to Dubai. When Planning for a trip to Dubai, it is important to understand and be updated on all the rules that are constantly being updated. Once you have the information on the rules that are updated, you will be able to apply Dubai Visa hassle-free and seamlessly through us with just your smartphone or PC.

Do I Need A Dubai Visa?

Yes, anyone traveling to Dubai from an eligible country will be required to have a legal document which is granted by UAE Immigration and serves as legal permission to enter and stay in Dubai for a specific period depending on the validity of the duration. Whether you're planning a vacation or a business trip, getting a Dubai Visa is mandatory. So, make sure to apply for one before your journey. Keep in mind the New Visa Rules In UAE 2024 For India to have a fail-proof visa application. All you have to do is go through this blog post to easily apply for a Dubai Visa.

New Dubai Visit Visa Rules for Indian Citizens

With the updates on the Visa application rules, anyone applying for a Dubai Visa from India Impacted. With the Dubai Tourist Visa Latest rules the way of entry into Dubai has changed. This change is especially for the Indian citizens having a US Green Card or UK, EU Resident Permit. Earlier, anyone having a US Green Card or UK, EU Resident Permit could easily get a Visa on arrival however this is not an option anymore after the Dubai New Visa Rules. Now, Indian travellers will need a pre-approved Visa to be able to Enter Dubai. 

Eligibility For Dubai Visit Visa After New Rules

The recent updates to Dubai Tourist Visa rules for 2024 have made up new eligibility criteria. To meet these criteria and check out the Documents required for dubai visa and also make sure that you,

  • Have A Financial Liquidity Of AED 3000.
  • Must Submit A Confirmed Return Ticket During Application.
  • The submitted supporting documents should be clear and complete.
  • Should not have any criminal history.
  • If you are traveling to explore Dubai, you must provide your hotel booking slips.
  • If the reason for travel is a family or friends visit, you must provide the host information such as the Name and Address.

Types Of Dubai Visit Visa

14 Days Single Entry Visit Visa

14 Days Multiple Entry Visit Visa

30 Days Single Entry Visit Visa

30 Days Multiple Entry Visit Visa

60 Days Single Entry Visit Visa

60 Days Multiple Entry Visit Visa

90 Days Single Entry Visit Visa

90 Days Multiple Entry Visit Visa

96 Hours Single Entry Visa

48 Hours Single Entry Visa

How to Apply for a Dubai Visit Visa in 2024

how to apply dubai visa

With the new rules in action, it is simple to apply for a Dubai Visa online. With our streamlined process, you can easily follow these steps below and apply for a Visa without any inconvenience or doubts even after the UAE New Visa Rules For Indian Nationals.

Here’s how you can apply -

  • Visit our website at
  • Enter a few details like your country and the country from which you are traveling to Dubai from.
  • Select the type of Visa you want to apply and hit “Apply Now
  • Fill in the Dubai Visa Application Form while making sure that the entries are error-free.
  • Submit all the Required documents as per the new rules such as your Passport, your passport size photograph, return tickets, bank statement, return tickets, etc.
  • Submit the Visa processing fees after you have uploaded the supporting documents and chosen the type of visa you require( standard visa or express visa ).

Once you have applied you can check Dubai visa status with the reference number that was sent to you via email after successful completion of your Visa application and payment.

Extension of Dubai Visa

The new update focuses on the extension of Dubai Visa to ensure that the visitors get enough time to spend with their loved ones or enjoy exploring. Now the extension of Visa can easily be done through our website. All you need to do is contact our team of visa experts through any contact channel available on the site and provide your passport and photographs. We will right away start the process of visa extension for you.

Comparing Dubai Visa  New and Old Rules

Old Visa Rules

New Visa Rules

Indians who have a US Green Card or UK, EU Resident Permit could apply for a Visa on Arrival.

Indians who have a US Green Card or UK, EU Resident Permit can no longer apply for a Visa on Arrival.

Less Documentation was required.

More detailed documentation is mandatory.

Cannot Apply For Extension Online.

Can easily apply for visa extension online.


Since the rules for getting a Dubai visa have been updated and are being strictly followed, you must provide the correct information and photographs along with the supporting documents so that you do not face any issue or challenges on your Dubai trip. You have read the Dubai Visit Visa New Rules Today and understood the changes that have been brought up by the UAE Immigration department and with the correct information in hand, you can experience Dubai without any issues. You can start planning your trip and in case you have any doubts or solution required related to Dubai New Visa Rules, make sure to contact our team at and we will be more than happy to clear your doubts and you can apply for an Online Dubai Visa For India Citizens with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que : What are the recent updates to the Dubai Visa rules for Indian citizens?

Ans : The UAE Immigration has implemented new rules requiring Indian citizens with a US Green Card or UK, EU Resident Permit to obtain a pre-approved visa before entering Dubai. Visa on arrival is no longer an option and visitors must apply for a pre approved Visa prior travel.

Que : What are the benefits of the new Dubai Visit Visa rules for Indian citizens?

Ans : The new rules allow Indian visitors to extend their stay in Dubai for twice the initial duration, providing more time to spend with loved ones. Additionally, visa issuance is expedited, reducing wait times at Dubai Airport.

Que : What is the eligibility criteria for obtaining a Dubai Visit Visa under the new rules?

Ans : To be eligible, applicants must have a financial liquidity of AED 3000, submit a confirmed return ticket during the application process, provide clear and complete supporting documents, have no criminal history, and fulfill specific requirements based on the purpose of travel.

Que : What are the different types of Dubai Visit Visas available under the new rules?

Ans : The types of Dubai Visit Visas include various durations for single or multiple entries, such as 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, as well as shorter duration visas for 48 and 96 hours.

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