Dubai Travel Guide For First Time Visitors!

Dubai Travel Guide For First Time Visitors!

Planning a trip to Dubai? Well, prepare yourself for something very opulent and imperial. Dubai is referred to as “Las Vegas” of the Middle East. It is considered one of the most luxurious destinations for holidays and in true sense is a place that impresses all its visitors at any cost. If you are traveling Dubai for the first time do read this small guide before finalizing your Dubai tour package.

  1. What is the best time to visit Dubai?
  2. Ramadan-IMP
  3. Where to stay in Dubai?
  4. How to travel around in Dubai?
  5. Money
  6. Etiquettes to be taken care of
  7. Dubai visa requirements
  8. Documents required for the Dubai Visa UK

1. What is the best time to visit Dubai?

Dubai is hot. The months from November to March when the temperatures are little low are considered the best to plan the Dubai trip. However, during these months, expect the prices to be a little high and crowd to be a little more. Planning Dubai holidays in the months of June to August is simply considered a foolish decision!

2. Ramadan-IMP

The city essentially shuts down for the holy months of Ramadan. The dates of it change each year but roughly it falls around mid-May and lasts till mid-June. The restaurants are closed during the day in order to respect the Muslims fasting there. It is illegal to smoke, drink and eat in public during this period. Evenings are again lively. So, if you happen to be in Dubai during this time, do witness the ambiance there.

3. Where to stay in Dubai?

Dubai houses many luxurious hotels but those who don’t want to spend so much can also check Airbnb. In terms of location, the most centrally located in the Dubai Mall. Near the mall is the Burj Khalifa and on the other end, there is Dubai Marina with Palm Jumeirah. The Burj Ai Arab is also close by. On the opposite side, you can find traditional souks in Old Dubai bazar. Dubai airport is close by. Along this strip, there are many beach resorts, shops, and restaurants situated. So, whenever you plan to step out of your accommodation, it becomes very easy if you stay in this area.

4. How to travel around in Dubai?

Dubai is a major tourist attraction and thereby it is obvious to have a lot of traffic there. Dubai works from Sunday to Thursday. So, ya, if you are roaming about the city on Friday and Saturday which are the holidays there, expect to be stuck on the long roads. The traffic on weekdays is much lesser. To roam about in Dubai, the options are taxis, metro, hop-on/hop-off buses. All these modes of transportation are easy to catch and run all day long.

5. Money:

The city is thoroughly equipped with ATMs at all the places. The hotels, shops, restaurants, all accept credit cards. You can check here also for currency exchange.

6. Etiquettes to be taken care of:

  • By far, we have seen Dubai as a very modern city but then one should not forget that at the heart it is Islamic land. It is of utmost necessary to be aware of the etiquettes followed there. 
  • Both men and women are required to dress modestly. Swimwear is allowed only at the beach and by the side of the pool. 
  • Holding hands and a peck on the cheek is OK but then there should not be prolonged display of affection in public.
  • Excessive drinking in public is not entertained. Drink and drive are not allowed.
  • Always ask before taking a photo of locals.

7. Dubai visa requirements:

Citizens of 45 countries are eligible to enter the UAE with a 30-day free visa on arrival. These countries are the US, Canada, all EU countries and Australia. Just keep in mind that the passports must be valid for at least 6 months before the arrival date in UAE.

8. Documents required for the Dubai Visa UK:

  1. Colour scan copy of passport
  2. Scan and color copy of passport size photograph
  3. Scan of UK resident permit

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