Dubai Food Festival 2022: Your Guide to Everything | Going-Out
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Dubai Food Festival 2022: Your Guide to Everything | Going-Out

There have been Michelin- starred chefs, beachside catchy eateries, and plenty of meals offering the exceptional taste of the Dubai food festival. Without a surprise, Dubai never ceases to amaze us with its architectural excellence. However, this UAE metropolis is not only recognized because of its man-made wonders; it also has hosted a major festival for food lovers in the previous six years. The Dubai Food Festival holds a soft corner in the hearts of all the ardent foodies who simply want to gorge themselves on a few of the finest delights. The 6th iteration of Dubai’s major culinary celebration will begin in March 2022. If you would like to explore a little more about the intriguing festival, have this helpful guide on hand to understand more about centerpieces as well as other crucial details. 

Dubai Food Festival 2022 Dates

The international fine food festival Dubai takes place in a variety of locations throughout the metropolis, ranging from prominent shops and elevated hotels to seedy marketplaces. JBR, City Walk, and Jumeirah Beach are all cool locations to visit during the gulf food festival Dubai. During the festival, so many of Dubai’s secret gourmet jewels spring to fruition. The Dubai Cuisine Festival (DCF) is a two-and-a-half-week culinary event that allows tourists to rediscover the city via snacks, from local cuisine to exquisite dining options. It will take place from March 3 through March 19, 2022. Dubai transforms into a foodie utopia and a mecca for gourmet enthusiasts from all over the globe for 17 days.

Price Guide 

At the Food Festival Dubai, you can spend as you need it. There is just no predetermined pricing, it keeps on depending on individual preferences, you might have to spend minimum levels at rock cafes and diners, or blow a hole in your wallet for a flavor of Michelin-starred chefs’ private seven-course banquets.

Key Highlights

A delight for coffee lovers

The specialty food festival Dubai event is for coffee lovers, latte fanatics, or simply the few who can’t exist without that. Limited Coffee Edition curates a variety of fancy coffee selections from all over the globe. The administrators of this special event go out of their way to find espresso addicts and provide them with the finest shot possible.

Kids Club

The Dubai Food Festival is not just for grownups; there are plenty of attractions to keep your toddlers occupied and entertained whilst you sample the world’s greatest culinary. First and foremost, Beach Canteen has a children’s club where they can spend the entire time. The management appoints a guardian to this location, so guests won’t need to bring a nanny. Furthermore, parents frequently register their children for DFF culinary courses or painting programs, many of which are exclusively for children. There are other times when youngsters are allowed to eat for free. 

Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week at the International Food Festival Dubai is hosted by some of Dubai’s top restaurants, including Hotel Cartagena, Bleu Blanc Dubai, Scape Restaurant, Morimoto Zheng He’s, GIA, and the Lounge. The Restaurant Week’s appealing aspects are the ensembles of three square meals offered at all these outlets.

Cooking Seminars

If Dubai Festival Food has any most fascinating aspect, it would be this. The previous year’s DFF featured demonstrations organized by experts from all across the world, according to World Travel Magazine. Vicente Rioja demonstrated how and where to create their paella variations to the participants. Ramie Murrey, a co-founder of Dubai’s first oyster farming company, taught deveining and methods of cultivation. Matthew Kenney was a vegan chef who educated others on how to prepare organic meals.

Beach Canteen

Swyp Beach Canteen, the cornerstone of the Dubai festival city food court, is located near Sunset Beach on Jumeirah Beach. The Jumeirah beachfront lights up with food carts, musical performances, entertainment for youth and teens, instructive seminars, and cookery demonstrations, making it a fantastic spot to spend some relaxed time with loved ones. The diner is situated near Sunset Beach and offers beachside delivery. You may get a lot of tasty meals for a very affordable price here.

Where To Stay During Dubai Food Festival 2022

Given that the Dubai Food Festival is a major tourist attraction for many people, gastronomy is truly one of the primary charms worldwide, notably in a rather rich and diverse culinary menu from many countries, it is a good idea to book a Dubai accommodation ahead of time. If you commence trying to find a place from the start of January, then costs won’t be as high, and you’ll get a plethora of options if you postpone until the end of February to begin negotiations for rent. A few places you could consider are:

  1. Barsha Star Residence
  2. Al Bustan Hotel
  3. Xclusive Hotel Apartments
  4. Holiday Inn Express Dubai
  5. Rove La Mer Beach
  6. Emirates Grand Hotel Apartments
  7. Further Details and Key Events

Mirdif City Center

Just like all of the elegant eateries, the Food Festival In Dubai 2022 has a list of events centered on the inhabitants of the Mirdif neighborhood. There’s also a fantastic alfresco festival that features live bands and kid-friendly events. Aside from that, there’s also a wide selection of meals to savor and satisfy your appetite. In addition to its Friday lunch and breakfast menus, they offer an extensive buffet to its customers.

Tea Time
There is an opportunity in which one can feast at the famed floating hotel Queen Elizabeth 2 and enjoy tea and cake to bring this gastronomic vacation to a pleasant conclusion. Aboard this legendary ship, visitors can enjoy the exclusive high tea and sample 10 luxury coffee and tea variations, as well as micro canapés and delectable pastries.


Is the Dubai food festival held in London as well?
Ans. There is no Dubai food festival in London, the festival is always held in Dubai and hence its name has been derived from it.

 2. Can the food items be availed for free at the Dubai Food Festival 2022?
Ans. Food during Dubai Food Festivals is paid, and the prices vary depending on the restaurants that serve the meals. At these fine dining events, you may sample a variety of delectable delicacies from the city’s greatest eateries for a quarter of the price.

3. What are the national dishes of Dubai?
Ans. The national dishes of Dubai include rice, fish, and meat.

4. How long will the international fine food festival Dubai last?
Ans. It will last for 17 days from 3 March 2022 to 19 March 2022.

5. What is the best time to visit Dubai?
Ans. The greatest season to travel to Dubai is from November to April, when the temperature is mild. Because the greatest variety of food events occur throughout this period, it is also a fantastic opportunity to travel for all foodies.

6. Will COVID guidelines be followed in Dubai Food Festival 2022?
Ans. Visitors may rest confident that at the Dubai Food Festival 2021, all programs and culinary activities will adhere to strict safety rules to avoid the transmission of the COVID-19 infection.

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