Common Reasons Behind The Rejection of Dubai Visa 2021

Common Reasons Behind The Rejection of Dubai Visa 2021

Planning a Dubai tour and applied for Visa? Well, we hope everything goes well and you land straight into your dream destination of holidays. But what if rejection comes? Applying for Dubai Visa is one process that should be done with utmost care. A small mistake can ruin all your holiday dreams. In order to safeguard your Dubai holiday dreams, here we tell you some common mistakes that invite rejections of visa.

1. Half-done visa application

To successfully obtain the Dubai visa, it is very necessary that all the columns of the visa application form are carefully and completely filled. The form should not be left incomplete. There should not be any false information or there should not be any discrepancy in the details given on form and on the documents supporting the details. Obviously, the passport validity should be checked and other documents required along should be apt. The signatories at various places should be the same and legitimate.

2. Errors in the application

Make sure that all the paperwork of the Dubai visa application is free of typos/ spelling errors or number errors. The name, birth date and address on passport should be proper. All these small things count a lot in the process of approval or rejection of the Dubai visa.

3. Blurred photographs or photocopies

If the photographs provided by you are not as per the specifications or the photocopies of documents are blurred then there are chances of your Dubai visa getting rejected.

4. Single-female traveler

The arrival of the visa of a single-women traveler may take a little longer time or may even get rejected. The only reason is that Dubai strictly follows the law of not allowing women below the age of 25 to travel without parents or guardians. There is a suspicion of human trafficking.

5. Extended stay on your last Dubai visa

If the person stays longer than the permitted time on the last visa approval then there are chances of visa delay or rejection. Many times, it happens that people visiting Dubai continue to stay there even after the expiry of the visa which ultimately invites serious fines and consequences.

What happens when one continues to stay in UAE beyond the grace period and is unable to settle the fee?

  • Your name may get blacklisted
  • You may face an immigration ban
  • You may go to jail for 3 months
  • You may be issued a deportation order

6. Previous criminal offense

If you have a record of a criminal offense, misconduct, fraud or any such activity then the chances of Dubai visa application rejection by the officers, do exist.  UAE and Gulf countries follow a common blacklist of such people so that they don’t get to enter the country.

Other situations to take care to avoid rejection of UAE visa:

If you have applied for a UAE tourist visa before and not utilized it then you should get it canceled before applying for a new visa.

If you have applied for employment visa and not utilized it then it should be canceled before applying for a new visa

If you hold the UAE residence visa earlier and leave the country without canceling it then it needs to be first canceled by the PRO or agency before applying for a new one.

Going on holiday is the most awaited time and if the visa gets rejected, the entire mood gets spoiled. Therefore, we suggest that you get your UAE visa applied by experts like us. We ensure an absolutely hassle-free process.

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